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Here is a collection of different erotic and hentai flash games!

19-05-2019, 13:43
The Company v6.1 (online)

In this game you have to customize your character, for which you will play. In this world of corruption, perversion and control, you will be surrounded by a large number of people to be seduced, using a variety of devices and drugs that you develop in the laboratory of the company...
New version v6.1
Price for Freedom: Avarice v10 (online)

Adult RPG game with turn-based combat elements. Here you have to communicate with dozens of characters, fight monsters and open animated sex scenes...
New version v10
A New Dawn v1.6.4 (web game online)

You have to play for Victoria. One night she discovered that the whole house was on fire, and the mother was captured by monsters...
New version v1.6.4
Rewrite: A Village Life v0.1.2 (online)

Here you will plunge into rural life. Catch fish, keep animals and of course seduce the local village beauties...
New version v0.1.2
Third Crisis v0.10.2 (free adult web games)

Hentai RPG game about how to help a brave girl to get her friend out of sex slavery in the army of androids...
New version v0.10.2
Tentacle Slave v0.12 (text based adult web games)

The wealthy, merchant city of Tyrmidon is known far and wide for its wares. Practically anything one desires may be found somewhere within its walls. The finest silks of the East, exotic spices, powerful drugs and aphrodisiacs, weapons of war, intricate gold inlay and metalwork...even iron, the fabled sky-metal, now smelted true and pure from ore dug deep out of the ground and made into a gleaming silvery ingot, the like of which no one has seen before.
But, Tyrmidon is at a crossroads. Though there is no outward, apparent conflict, nevertheless the tension is often palpable, especially when the Church is involved.
In Tyrmidon, sex is good and acceptable. Pure love between spouses, between master and slave, and even between lover and a woman of pleasure at the local brothel, is divinely sanctioned. Love between different species, such as human and elf, is highly frowned upon. Pleasure sought through forbidden means, such as through the ancient magics of the old gods or the creatures of the night, is punishable in some cases by castration, in others by forfeiture of property, and in extreme circumstances by expulsion from the city.
Nevertheless, the ancient gods and goddesses are still honored in secret, even among members of the Church itself. The fertility rites are still remembered, practiced where the prying eyes of the Church cannot find them out.
Into this seething mix, you have been cast. What will you do? Will you control your natural urges and live according to the dictates of the Church? Or will you explore the hidden, the secret, the forbidden?
New version v0.12
The Chant of Dead v0.8 (online)

It was 1240, 4 kingdoms fought each other, but after long battles concluded a truce. Once the fog covered the earth, and chaos and death spread to all 4 kingdoms. Heroes of each Kingdom fall one by one, and no one finds their bodies - they are taken away by the fog. You will take on the role of a girl who has to deliver the news to the Queen that the army of the dead is coming...
New version v0.8
The Sexpsons v2.10.5 (Adult web game)

It's a porn parody of the Simpsons. In this game you have to live in a small town where your task is to fuck girls and enjoy life...
New version v2.10.5
11-05-2019, 10:55
Enchanted v0.1.2.3 (online)

Customize your character of this game (male or female), who moved to live with her aunt and her two daughters. Everything else depends on your choice...
New version v0.1.3
Into the Forest Ch.5 (online game)

In the fifth episode you will be expelled from a mysterious mansion and now it is necessary to investigate new secrets with sexual scenes...