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THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021

Info: This game is about a group of goblins who have lost a battle. They try to build a new clan from their own nest. To do this, they try to seduce women and have fun with them. There are many intimate moments between the women and the goblins. Over the course of the game, the nest will continue to be built, during which the goblins offspring will play an important role.​

- Before starting game, make sure to go through OPTIONS MENU.
- Special Enemies won't be affected by difficulty slider.
- Added Acheivements.
- Added Dynamic Title image and dynamic title music.
- Combat has been given several tweaks.
- Save files can now be named.
-"Hunting Breeding Wench" skill is completely overhauled. It can no longer be used
in battle . Instead it will be used to catch wench. Further details are there when playing game.
- Food consumption has been properly expanded. Food are consumed on basis of population.
Further details are added in game.
- Two new key items added. Ability to turn off the farming dialogue which enable more faster farming and
ability to choose which way you want to capture wench ( new way with bolo throwing or old way of simple
battle ).
- Some quick key shortcuts are also added, which are,:-
1.) Press "I" to open items
2.) Press "E" to open equipment.
3.) Press "S" to open save menu.
4.) Press "O" to open options menu.
5.) Press "T" to open quest log.
6.) Press "A" to know/activate/de-activate bolo throw
7.) Press "F" to fire bolos
8.) Press "H" to ride horse, after you get one :)
- Farming quests like " Cover Cover" , "Hook and Crook" now detects items stored in player inventory or storage boxes.
If you already have them, the quests automatically progress. No need to collect the items again.
- Item stacking limit has been increased.
All food items and it's related things had stacking limit increased to 500 from 100.
Materials stacking limit increased to 250 from 100 .
Potions and related items , stacking limit increased to 150 from 100.
- Selling Price of Meat and Flax, both increased to 3 gold.
- Seeker class has been renamed to defender class . Their health boost has been downgraded
to 200% from 300% and their ability to hit enemies has been increased to 25% from 5%.
But they won't be able to equip weapon , only use basic "Kick" attack.
- Shields will take up one weapon slot. So either balance between attack and defense or go out full attack.
- Maximum Difficulty level has been increased to 125% from 100%. Minimum is unchanged.
- Battle speeds has been slightly tweaked, should be a bit faster now.
- Excluding gold, different currencies in shop has name attached to them.
- Weapons in weapon shop are no longer hidden, though the new weapons unlocking way is unchanged.
- Icons revamped and hunger effect has proper food balloon assigned to it.
- Virility now will drop after every four days instead of two days.
- Characters now have name box assigned to them ( except in few cases ).
- Intro can now be skipped.
- New icons and hunger effect has proper food balloon.
- Virility gained changed for batsoup increased to 20 from 15, for raven quest increased to 10 from 5 and
for steal increased to 15 from 10.
-Pregnancy chance reduced to 60 for single. Other one is unchanged. You need to find it out :)
- "Potency" typo error changed to "virility"
- Some Character sprites are more detailed with breathing effects and animated faces.
- Removed yes/no option for farming.
- Intro can be skipped.
- New Fade effects
- Items earned popup added.
- cave design is slightly tweaked.
- Virility gains for Batsoup quest increased to 20 from 15, for Cxnt Crow quest increased to 10 from 5
and for Steal Cloth increased to 15 from 10.
- Several Typos fixes
- Auto text, Text speed, New window skins and fonts added
- At important location fast forward are disabled.
- Added a new quest to daily quest pool.
- Everytime Kresh levels up, he says something random.
- Several dialogue typos fixed in new scenes and other places.
- Kresh was able to walk ON witch house with it's head poking out . Fixed now. :)
- In daily side quest, the "Repair Cell" quest was not getting randomised . It's fixed one.
- The "Game Ambient Lighting " option was not functioning properly in some rare cases. Fixed those
- The HP bars of bats and soldier were getting overlapped making it hard to understand how much HP
remained near end. It's fixed now.
- The colour change of Minotaur occured very frequently while battling . Now, it only changes at 65%
and 30% of it's remaining health.
- To further fullproof the "Rarer Bug", which didn't allow to enter the main cave first time for few players.
Additional check has been added before Entering Cave.
- In a very rare Instance, while doing " Steal Cloth" side-quest, the screen would go completely black while
exiting/entering the farm house. Fixed with additional check.
If you are still getting the black screen error, turn on " Darker Night" under key items in
- If you collected Ores and progressed the time by doing side quests, the Ores were not respwaning the next
day. It's fixed now .
- Fixed a small logic error on the "Food Consumption Details" board.
------------------I am sure, I missed some fews mores.-------------------------

Date: 02.07.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.20.5
Censored: No
Size: 1218 mb
Tags: Rpg, Battle, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Small Tits, Beautiful Ass, Hardcore Sex, Forced, Humiliation, Slave, Sexual Training, Groping, Captured, Bdsm, Domination, Monsters, Pregnancy, Goblins, Voyeur


THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021 THE LEGEND OF THE GOBLINS - [InProgresss New Version 0.20.5] (Uncen) 2021

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