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The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018

Info: "The Last Barbarian" — is a third-person action role-playing game. You are encouraged by the game to proceed with caution, learn from past mistakes, or find alternate areas to explore. If you are not careful, monsters will be able to force you and you will have to start from the very beginning.
“The Last Barbarian” takes place in a fantasy N'ul-realm, plunged into darkness and debauchery after the arrival of the ancient Goddess of Flesh. She gives everyone what they want most. But she distorts all desires and so the whole world is plunged into perversion and violence. Everything around is nourished by sexual energy.
The protagonist of the game woke up in the dungeon after the battle with the orcs in her village. She is the last barbarian from a tribe of local Amazons. They never submitted to anyone and valued only their freedom and love. But now she is driven by a thirst for revenge and a desire to revive her tribe.

What's new?
Shortly, there will be significant updates to the storylines, including “Politics is a dirty business” (yes, I know about the current problems in the passage and will fix them soon)
To do this, I continue to work on the Potion Lab location.
Now we can carry the brewed potions with us. But if you drink it, there will be no effect yet. (press U to drink). We need the potion to complete the quests.
Big Business
After you finish your first shift and go to bed, talk to the goblin. He will say that he wants to return to big business. To do this, he needs to expand the client base, and let's take care of it. How? We will offer potions to those who wish. To whom? Check the recipe book; in it, the goblin left notes on the client base.
New Client - Tramp (Tramp)
Do you remember the eternally pregnant Noria? Give her an impotence potion so that the tramps stop impregnating her. We now have a client who is suffering from an epidemic of "flaccid penis." How fortunate that we can treat this ailment.
Added new scenes (MultiCamera Support):
ManualJob, Blwjob, Swallow, Missionary (slow, fast, cream)
New clients - Prostitutes
Offer a potion (any) to the Brothel owner because someone has to heal the prostitutes.
The money component in this location is disabled for now, so feel free to get paid by barter and offer prostitutes to drink.
Added new scenes (MultiCamera Support):
Fingering, Scissors, Tentacle fun
Client - the owner of the Inn
Any owner of the Inn will not refuse a reliable supplier of beer. Having tried once, he will come for it next time. Try to keep the quality at its best. Otherwise, a disappointed customer will demand compensation for the damage.
Added new scenes (MultiCamera Support):
Deep Throat, bottle penetrating, tentacle fun.
Client - Doctor
If gladiators are treated, they live longer and bring more income. The doctor (Arena location) is a good massage therapist, but it is not so effective when the bones are broken, and the muscles are torn. Offer him a healing potion, and you will brew potions for gladiators.
Client - Vampire
After you get more clients (Doc, Inn owner, Prostitutes, and Tramps), you will be visited by a vampire.
Added new scene (MultiCamera Support):
Eat her, face down, ass up (Slow, Fast, Cream)
Give potions to your friend troll - Yavo. He loves gifts very much.
Added new scene (MultiCamera Support):
Ragdoll (Slow, Fast, Cream)
New models for old characters
I added new models of vampire, prostitute, tramp, and gladiator. I will update them in the whole game in the future after testing and tweaking.
That's all for today. Over the weekend, I plan to update the walkthrough and work on a minor release.

Date: 31.08.2022
Language: English
Version: 0.9.24
Censored: No
Size: 3935 mb
Tags: Unity-3D, Action, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, Hardcore Sex, Forced, Lesbian, Monsters, Warrior, Demons, Orcs, Pregnancy, Fantasy, Trolls, Tentacles


The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018 The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018 The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018 The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018 The Last Barbarian - [InProgress  New Version 0.9.24 Dev Build] (Uncen) 2018

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