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Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019

Info: Black Garden is a free Adult fantasy RPG game about a young adventurer who gets defeated by the "Demon Lord" and is forced to become her minion. Starting at the lowest rank in the Demon Realm's army you are sent to a remote Goblin village to help with morale. You soon discover that the Demon Realm is populated mainly by lusty female Monster Girls and that your role as a minion of the lowest rank primarily involves being the village bicycle to raise morale and minion numbers for the Demon Realm's army. Will you rise through the ranks using your hard work and dedication, or will you sleep your way to the top and reclaim your stolen soul from the "Demon Lord"?
The game is not heavily plot focused and is designed to give players significant freedoms in how they approach their day to day lives as they build up their reputation with the locals and explore the ever expanding world.
Black Garden features a myriad of fetishes with the primary focus being on femdom. However, it is possible to avoid all sexual encounters by focusing on the exploration, farming and crafting aspects of the game.
[Direction Keys] - Movement
[X] - Confirm/Interact/Talk
[Z] - Menu/Exit/Cancel
[T] - Toggle Clock
[SHIFT] - Hold down to Sprint
[F5] - Toggle Full Screen
[F6] - Toggle Screen Size

Version 0.1.4a:
Added character presets to simplify character creation for those that don't wish to pick things manually. You can still pick things manually the old way too!
Added a new map west of Emerald Road.
The new map, "Garnet Weald", is split into two sections and the lower section can be reached by having the "Climb" specialisation and a Rope (can be purchased from the Brothel).
Added a new Lotus Plant gathering node (this aquatic plant can't be grown on your farm yet).
New forest floor items have been added that spawn exclusively in the river crossing.
Truffles replace Pine Nuts as forest floor drops in the Garnet Weald map.
Peppercorn Plants replace Flax plants in the Garnet Weald map.
New Cooking recipe, "Lotus Chips", has been added to Lvl 1 Cooking skill.
New Cooking recipe, "Algae Smoothy", has been added to Lvl 2 Cooking skill (removes Poison).
New Alchemy recipe, "Slimeskin Potion", has been added to Lvl 2 Alchemy skill.
Fixed a visual bug where some Goblins remained outside in rainy weather and at night under strange circumstances.
Fixed a rare bug that caused the game to crash after a fight with an error: "unable to find file: Graphics/Pictures/Actors1.
Colour coded some choices in game.
Added Wood, Charcoal and Flask to the Goblin Smith's store.
Acid now requires a Flask to craft.
Added an option to toggle Strapon and Pregnant clients in the Brothel (talk to the signup sheet to change these).
Poison state has be nerfed and now lasts 5-10 turns in combat or 80 steps out of combat.
Fixed a bug where name tags of some Goblin Kids didn't display correctly.
Fixed a bug with the Athletics skill during character creation.
Fixed a bug where you could talk to the Goblin Madam while Invisible, she now also mentions Azalea on the second floor when you ask her about the Brothel.
Fixed a bug that made it impossible to sell Juniper Berries.
Reworked the exp yield for most of the Construction recipes, increasing them by about two times, so leveling Construction should be twice as fast now!
Smelting Ore now presents a counter to display the number of ore in your inventory.
Gifting toys to children will now correctly reset your sprite to no longer hold the present box.
Wheat and Rye plants can now be grown on your farm. Wheat and Rye both act as [Seeds] for the purpose of planting.
Doing Chores now awards 1-5 Copper coins.
Coin Bags now give the option to "Open All" if you have 5 or more in your inventory.
Fixed a bunch of text formatting issues.
Fixed a bunch of recipes.

Date: 13.11.2019
Language: English
Version: 0.1.4a
Censored: No
Size: 464 mb
Tags: Rpg, 2DCG, Erotic Adventure, Male Protagonist, Sexy Girls, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Doggystyle, Hardcore Sex, Seduction, Threesome, Domination, Demons, Monster Girls, Fantasy,


Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019 Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019 Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019 Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019 Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019 Black Garden - [InProgress New Version 0.1.4a] (Uncen) 2019

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