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On Edge - [InProgress New Version 0.2.3] (Uncen) 2020

Info: On Edge is an adult game where you play as Debbie, a talented young biologist who, despite her youth, is already somewhat famous for making advances towards solving Eleria's famine problem. For her final assignment, she decides to travel back to the village she grew up in, and find out what went wrong. However, a mysterious package awaits at her door... it looks alien, but what does it do?
We are in Eleria, a planet in another universe with striking similarities to Earth. Eleria was prosperous, however, at some point in time, animal reproduction ceased, causing famine to befall the entire planet.
Soon after that, famine was seemingly solved by an unknown benefactor. Rumours started spreading about huge factories of unknown origin, and noone knew how they really operated. Each factory required just one person to operate, and that person was selected by the factory itself. In the beggining, it was seen as great honor to be selected and to accept the invitation. However, the workers were constantly threatened and manipulated by the powers that be, as political games ran rampant about who will control the food flow.
Thus, it was made illegal, and deemed greatly dishonorable, to ever reveal that you are a worker at a factory, since you were meant to have no bias towards who would get the food.

Version 0.2.3:
- Made it so that when your Confidence is full, no new Confidence is added
- Added custom icons for AVT, power, food, ingredients, mats and repairs
- Debbie's nipples are now visible on the fabric of the tanktop.
- New report screen for AVT
- New report skipping - now skips the report entirely (you never see it)
- New room for AVT converter
- 3 upgrades for AVT conversion (additional spheres)
- Absorption mechanic (amount, rate)
- Digestion mechanic (amount, rate)
- New mechanic for AVT conversion (ml intakes gathered into a vat, then in spheres, then converted into AVT)
- Milk gathered is now separated into where the milk is located (face,breasts,belly)
- 1 new long scene in Debbie's bedroom (triggers automatically after day 9)
- 1 new scene for visiting the AVT converter for the first time
- New sprite for Gary!
- Fixed a typo that still presented Gary as bald
- Stopped any access to the teasing minigame - the popular vote was to have scenes instead
- Almost finished the image plugin overhaul - for now they work together with the old plugin
- Reworked code of how some images are handled to reduce cpu usage.
- Fixed a bug where Gary would not get removed during groping scenes.
- Fixed a bug where the hud wouldn't be removed during zoomed in instances in the gloryhole
- Fixed image filename-associated bugs
- Ability to apply the semen on Debbie's face as "beauty cream"
- Replaced the menu screen with where milk is (beauty cream / swallowed)

Date: 26.05.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.2.3
Censored: No
Size: 458 mb
Tags: Rpg, 2DCG, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Big Ass, Handjob, Erotic Content, Seduction, Corruption


On Edge - [InProgress New Version 0.2.3] (Uncen) 2020 On Edge - [InProgress New Version 0.2.3] (Uncen) 2020 On Edge - [InProgress New Version 0.2.3] (Uncen) 2020

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