Meet'N'Fuck(Full Version)

Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020

Info: If you love eroticism, magic and interactive cinema, you should like it!
The game is based on turn-based combat and mixed elements. Opening new spells, you can create a template for the battle.
The player is supposed to take on the role of a sorceress and defeat the criminal. Conditionally, a game can be divided into 2 stages:
1) It is necessary to overcome the villain in a duel. The battle is executed in the form of a step-by-step video (interactive movie). By mixing the elements in your hands, you create a random spell and discover new elements. Using an opponent's mind reading, you need to create a move pattern to win.
2) (In developing) Your character is captured after losing. The game turns into "Side-scrolling management". You need to serve the bandits to redeem freedom. From time to time, the player will find hints and spell recipes needed to complete the first stage. After liberation, everything starts again, taking into account the open elements, abilities and level. With each new loss, the complexity of the service will increase.
The game is designed in such a way that the player has to go through both stages many times. The alpha version is considered completed if you defeat the criminal in the first stage.

- The storyline of all the girls in the Manor added;
- Now all the players have access to the gallery in the free version (need to complete the game);
- The gallery has been expanded with new poses (video: +4) from storyline cutscenes.
- The new version adds the storyline telling about the adventures of our sorceresses. Now we will find out who they are and why they do what they do;
- There are also some minor bugs were fixed and some balance changes were made to the existing game mechanics;
- New poses(video): +5.
1. New type of gameplay added (the second part of the game - the Manor):
- Your sorceress is captured. Earn money by fulfilling customer requirements to redeem freedom;
- Each time you provide a service of love, you receive a scroll with the formula for learning a new spell;
- At some point, your energy / hunger indicators become expendable;
- You can control up to three girls in the Manor;
- Bar added:
• Customers - they pay for services;
• The Table - used to prepare drinks;
• The Barrel - used to collect water;
- Prison added:
• Cell - used to restore energy / hunger indicators;
• Tringle House - used to satisfy the Master;
- Love room added:
• Room for servces of love (no active items to interact with);
- Potion Room added:
• The Cauldron provides the ability to make potions;
- Garden added:
• Plants provide the ability to harvest potion ingredients;
- Five new sprite animations 18+ added.
2. Changes to existing gameplay (the first part of the game - the Duel):
• Mini-game like 'flappy birds' deleted;
• Save system and Gallery are now available for free;
• The difficulty of the mini-game 'get the segment' is reduced;
• 'Cumshot' button appeared in the mini-game 'get the segment' (if you run out of energy);
• 'Surrender' button appeared (allows you to surrender and skip the Duel to get straight to the Manor);
• Minor balancing element edits.

Date: 03.02.2021
Language: English
Version: 0.2.2
Censored: No
Size: 915 mb
Tags: Simulator, Battle, Animation, Erotic Adventure, Female Protagonist, Big Tits, Beautiful Ass, All Sex, Blowjob, Hardcore Sex, Erotic Content, Forced, Humiliation, Slave, Sexual Training, Captured, Gangbang, Bdsm, Violation, Fantasy, Magic, Prostitution


Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020 Ero-Gen - [InProgress New Version 0.2.2] (Uncen) 2020

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